We offer metalworking with special focus on advanced 3D CNC pipe bending, CNC rolling, pipe and profile rolling, pipe processing and welding in both round pipes and profile pipes, etc.

Metal department

We offer metalworking with special focus on advanced 3D CNC pipe bending, CNC rolling, pipe and profile rolling, pipe processing and welding in both round pipes and profile pipes, etc.
ML Industries has many years of experience with pipe bending/rolling, profile rolling and pipe processing, We master all pipe bending from simple solutions to advanced 3D CNC pipe bending and that process both black steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass in dimensions from Ø4mm. to Ø60mm.
Our customers are found in many segments e.g. the furniture industry, wind industry, process industry, rehab, transport sector, agricultural sector.

Modern technology

We have a modern machine park, and our high degree of automation enables us to produce efficiently, in high quality and with great flexibility. This is the key to delivering high competitiveness, at competitive prices.

We have a high degree of automation in bending, rolling, and welding, and with our width in the machine park, we always find the right set-up in relation to our customers’ specific wishes and needs.

Our metal department offers, among other things:

  • Advanced 3D CNC pipe bending with great precision
  • CNC Pipe and Profile Rolling
  • Robotic welding
  • TIG and MIG/MAG welding
  • Stopping/Lokning
  • Fully automatic sawing centers
  • Machining

Advanced 3D CNC pipe bending with integrated rolling and with great precision

ML Industries has a range of tube and profile bending machines, from traditional CNC bending machines to highly advanced 3D CNC bending machines.

Our latest investment is a new 9 axis highly automatic 3D CNC pipe bender with integrated right/left bending & rolling function and with all available software.
Software that allows us e.g. to digitally handle the file drawing directly from the customer, such as simulating the workpiece and bending process on advanced software, and checking the item for any bending technical challenges, so we are sure to meet your wishes and needs to the fullest.

The 3D CNC pipe bending is made in both simple and complex pipes with high demands on finish and quality, and in both small and large series sizes.

If you have a wish that goes beyond our complex standard matrix program, we have our own construction and tool department, where we develop and manufacture bending matrices ourselves. We can in this way quickly produce the necessary tools for your specific bending task.

CNC Pipe and Profile Rolling

Within CNC pipe and profile rolling, we can roll a large selection of pipes, square pipes and profiles, rod, and flat profile with radii from approx. 200 mm to infinity, depending on the material, thickness of goods and other designs. The CNC control ensures a high accuracy and repeat percentage.

Robot welding / welding

Robot welding with MIG/MAG, TIG and Plasma welding processes on 9 axis welding robot from Migatronic Automation. The robot system is built around fanuc welding robot type ArcMate 120iC/10L with a range of 2009 mm.

The system is mounted with a fully automatic beat table, with 180° turning, between two fixed positions. The beat table has axis-guided rotary units on both sides of the table for rotation of workpieces. The robot solution has everything in equipment, among other things. Coordinated Motion. With this function, full coherence is achieved between the movement of the robot and external axes. The function is especially required when welding is to take place while the workpiece is being moved by an external axis. The robot knows where it is in relation to the workpiece and can therefore maintain its position and gun direction in relation to the workpiece when moving.

Other additional equipment include Touch Sense Start/EndPoint Search. Function where the robot by search movement finds the exact position of a welding point. The search can be carried out and correct in 1.2 or 3 dimensions. Contact with the workpiece is electrically detected with either wire or gas nozzle.

Max. workpiece size of fixture: 1700×1000 mm.
Max. workpiece weight 250 kg.

High precision – on-time delivery

We are used to handling products and processes with high demands for precision and we have continuously developed our production and competencies in this direction. This is accompanied by efficient logistics and order management, where there is a short way from inquiry to production and subsequent delivery on time.

Powder coating department

For more than 40 years, ML Industries has developed the competencies of the company in powder coating. We can on our automated and manual line handle many different tasks within, among other things:

  • Iron / Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Castings
  • Magnesium

Powder coating is the most gentle way to surface treatment, and at the same time is the most durable and uniform surface that can be achieved.

Automated line

ML Industries has an automated and modern powder coating line with integrated pre-treatment that ensures optimal quality while meeting today’s environmental requirements.

Manual line

On our manual line, we typically paint small & medium-sized series. In addition, it is used for larger complicated special tasks, tests, experiments, and various sample series.

Item sizes

Automated lineManual line

A world of colors

We always have a wide selection of colors in our own warehouse within the standard RAL color series. Moreover, we have special and effect powder coatings for you to choose from. Other colors are delivered from day to day, directly from our solid powdery mildew suppliers.
(Special varnishes may have a longer delivery time)

Preparation and Preprocessing

With quality and longevity in focus, ML Industries also takes care of cleaning items before final surface is applied.


At ML Industries, we use a closed tunnel sprayer pre-treatment plant with 0-release for the internal/external environment. The baths are controlled via precise measurements so that they are always in perfect balance.

Preprocessing is a high alkaline degreasing, with Zirconium conversion (Cr. Fri.) and consists of 6 steps:

  1. High alkaline degreasing and phosphating
  2. Rinsing + Flushing – Tap Water
  3. Zirconium conversion
  4. Rinsing – demineralized water
  5. Rinsing – demineralized water
  6. Drying – 110-130 degrees

Sling cleaning

We also offer sling cleaning with steel balls in automatic systems, for the removal of any glow shells, rust, abrasive dust, etc.

Workpieces must have a thickness of at least 3mm, and be a maximum of Ø1800 x 500 mm.

Sandblasting & Glassblowing is offered through a partner in the immediate area.

Assembly and system deliveries

More and more customers want to make partnership with a total supplier who can deliver a total solution and handle many processes under the same roof – We can!

For many of our customers, we handle all processes from metalworking, powder coating, assembly, packing and shipping.

System deliveries

ML Industries can step in where the customer wants and either be part of the process or handle the entire process from production start to delivery.

  • Design
  • 3D CAD
  • Production
  • Surface
  • Refinishing
  • Assembly
  • Gasket
  • Labels
  • Consignment

Industrial Production Partner

Through trust and credibility, ML Industries wants to build long-term relationships with our business partners, and many have used us as a subcontractor or system supplier for many

We use modern technology and IT to support and give any project the best foundation from start to finish.

We have focus on solutions and are available with our competencies as your industrial sparring partner throughout the entire process start to finish from design, through total
production, to delivery of finish items.

Contact us

If you have any questions about CNC Pipe Bending, Robot Welding Pipes and Profile Rolling or other metalworking, you are more than welcome to contact us at our mail or call us on +45 98 93 87 88. We look forward to hearing from you.

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